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October 22nd, 2013

04:31 pm - Wander Over Yonder Community
I know this community hasn't been update since 2008 but I wanted to advertise good ol' Midna fans on here who are fans of Disney's latest show called Wander Over Yonder. I made the community group woycommunity just to share with you guys. As for the fate of this current community, I really don't know. I might try to bring it back from the dead, but for right now, I need to start something new.

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July 1st, 2008

02:22 pm - New Forums has been Competed!
The forums of Zeta Gliese has been created:


As of now, the forums are currently under construction with a new layout coming soon, and also working on some stuff for future Admins. The rules are coming though, so please be patient. =) However, the boards is currently in the BETA version, which means it's not fully complete yet. So please feel free to post everything here. If you have any problems, please let me know! =)

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June 27th, 2008

10:28 pm - NEW FORUM COMING SOON: Zeta Gliese


That's right folks. The new forums has been planned and it's ready to go to the newer site. However, the Twilight Realm Blog and Giana Sisters.TK sites will have the same forums as were before. The other forums that we have now...died on us. So since I'm plaining on creating the new forums, it's time for new hosting. Since InvisionFree was been old to me, now it's time to moved to ZetaBoards for our future product.

Read more...Collapse )

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April 5th, 2008

02:09 pm - LOZ Sims
Hey there I'm new to this community!! My name is Tokyo Kitty and I'm for the most part a writer. I'm 18, female, and that's about all I'm sharing cuz rest is personal....
Anyway I'm looking for Zelda Sims! Because I'm a nerd and when I'm procrastinating on homework I play with Sims that I find or make from various games and animes.....Anyway! I've already found Link and Zelda ones but I'm still looking for Midna (preferably human looking if it exists) and male!Sheik. I use sims 2 so if you know of any thing, costumes, full skins anything really...please tell me! I will deliver pictures when I can play with them!!

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March 7th, 2008

07:34 pm - Oh dear...
Gosh, what's the matter with you people? Why haven't you update my Journal for me? ;__; Ah well, here are the fewer updates from my Twilight Realm Blog Site:

- Okay, first of all, I have a little problems with my forums because we have too many spambots trying to register on my forums. I kept banning them but they kept coming back, so I am now plaining on creating another forums since the forums are been inactive for a long time. As for now, I'm updating the Poll of the Month since I didn't get a chance to update it last month. So starting tomorrow, the poll will be open. As for Giana Sister Forums, sorry, I didn't get a chance to opening it because I have school and stuff, but because of the spambots trying to invade the forums...I didn't get a chance to open them, so yeah. The next forums won't be Only Midna related, but Anime/Video Game related, since we don't have much people here on the site. =P

- The next update is I'm plaining on getting new layouts for this blog site since this one is too crappy to handle, if you like to help me to pick the theme, I'll put it on here, but first, I had to put the poll on, but I might put it until next month.

- Last but not least, Super Smash Bros. Brawl is going to released in North America on March 9th. So don't forget to buy the game. =P

Well, that's all folks. Have a nice weekend. =)
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December 22nd, 2007

11:49 pm - Site and Forum Updates!
Wow, it's been a while hasn't it? Well, don't just leave yet cause I have some news just for you:

That's right folks, I have finally complete the site's layouts. I also add new topsites here, and Zelda Temple is back! =D Check it out right here! Also, another news: My forums is teaming up with my another site, Giana Sisters.TK. Please see this thread for more details.

Thank you and have a Merry Christmas! =)

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November 7th, 2007

05:15 pm - Update your Bookmarks!
Good gosh, it's been a while hasn't it? Well, we better get this community more active before it's going in the trash...but yeah, it's not dead yet. :/

Some bad news for our site's Zwap.to hosting. As of today, the Zwap.to free url redirection have been closed and has been disabled for some odd reasons. I'm not sure what I did wrong, but I think it has to do with some idiots with these CRAZY reporting cause my site never has this kind of problems before. :/ But yeah, switch back to http://twilirealblog.blogspot.com/ if you get a chance. =)

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August 21st, 2007

07:19 pm - 100_drabble
Hey fellow Zelda fans and fanfiction writers! Just wanna promote a new community that you all may be interested in. For those of you who like to write and do writing challenges in communities like 1sentence, then 100_drabble is perfect for you! 100_drabble centers on, you guessed it… challenging yourself to write drabbles consisting of 100 words only, with 26 themes in mind.

So get those creative juices flowing and join today! :D
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August 15th, 2007

01:54 am - Midna site -- "Darkfall" -- and six Midna icons.
Hi! I'm new to this community; kind of wish I'd known it had existed sooner. XD

Anyway, I just wanted to promote my new Midna shrine: Duskfall. I started work on it back in January or something insane like that, but had to take a long break for my exams, so it's only just gone online and is expected to grow.

Also, I've made Six Midna avatars:Collapse )

They will probably be made up into an icon post over at my other journal (extrasolar) at some point in the near future, but I thought I'd share them here first. Enjoy! ♥

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August 12th, 2007

01:58 pm
Hii. My name is Mere, and i'm a huge fan of midna. She's my favorite video game character. :] Soo, i came to show fanart.

Its safee, rated G. Link and Midna.

Taking a break?

midna is a beast to draw without a reference for that helmet of hers...did i do okay without one?

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August 8th, 2007

08:46 am - I'm new
Hello, I love Midna, she is my all time favorite video game character. I'd like to share my Midna fan art

I know you've probably all beaten TP, but I'll post this under a cut incase its a spoiler for anyone who hasn'tCollapse )

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July 29th, 2007

08:50 pm - New Layouts 2.0
Yes, sorry that I've haven't changed them lately. I was at my summer vacation last week and I've forgot to do it. So I decided to do it right now because my school has already started tomorrow and I am not so ready to go back there. I know, it's been ruff last week and all, but I've forgot to do it before I was gone. So anyway, in case that you guys didn't notice any changes when you look at this community's new layouts which is kinda like the Twilight Realm Blog site. So anyway, I hope you guys enjoy and I am really sorry for all this going on.

~Girla PurpleHeart
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July 7th, 2007

06:43 am - Hello again
It's me again. I don't know if all of you are in the minda fan forum. But just in case you're not, this here is a link of all the cut scenes of LOZ: Twilight Princess. An easy access for those who like to make music videos or if you're like me, just like to watch them.

Enjoy ^^

cross-post linkxmidna
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